Design with a purpose

Color Coded

Simple, intuitive styling based on US wage standards.

Data Driven

Combining more accurate submissions with efficient collection processes to encourage higher user input & more fine-tuned aggregate data.

Visual Sentiment

Assists users in parsing information at a glance, returning them to their work faster.

The advantage of a clear view


Connect with fellow workers to help each other discover new hits on a platform that can be hard to navigate on your own. Provide requesters with feedback to improve your workflow while leveraging reviews left by others to protect your account from requesters who don't adhere to community best practices.


Get honest, insightful feedback about your HITs from workers who are actually doing them. Analyze how quickly workers are completing tasks, what they think of the work, and what they're saying to others about their experience with you. Engage with your workforce to improve your results, saving you time and money.

Counting on community


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